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Blush Audio is a Music Technology 'Solutions' Company, creating software, hardware and everything in-between for Music Technology applications.

We are based in Leeds UK and specialise in local guitar amplifier repairs as well as effects pedal repairs and modifications. We provide an online mixing and mastering service and design our own hardware/software instruments, effects units and controllers.

Blush Audio was formed in 2012 by David Featherstone whilst studying for an MA in Music Technology at The University of York. Having previously studied BA Music Production at Leeds College of Music (achieving a 2:1), David combines a background in Electronics and Computer Programming with his experience in Music Technology to develop new and exciting technology for music creation.

A guitarist by trade, David began building effects pedals to evoke new tones and textures whilst studying A-Level Electronics.
His interest soon turned to amplifiers and he began undertaking repairs for friends and maintaining his own amplifiers.

David's interest in Experimental, Lo-Fi and Noise music naturally led him to discover Circuit-Bending via the ubiquitous Casio SK-1 and Texas Instruments Speak and Spell and by experimentally rewiring guitar pedals. His knowledge of electronics allowed to take this to the next step and he now works on much more complex projects such as Akai Samplers and uses more complex modification techniques.

David taught himself computer programming whilst at university in order to create software instruments and effects in the form of Audio Units for Apple's Logic DAW.
As well as using C and C++, David frequently uses the audio specific programming language Faust to to design the DSP code for his software.
David also uses Max/MSP and Max for Live and many of his patches are available for free download here.

When not working on Blush Audio projects, David plays in the band Breezersletjes and is a freelance Sound Engineer/Producer.

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