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Eurorack Modules

Blush Audio MFX-1

Coming Soon!: The MFX-1 is a Eurorack Module that allows the user to create their own digital effects and upload them to the device via USB. The MFX-1 is completely open-source and modifiable by the user. Example code for the device is available here.

Blush Audio ES-1

Coming Soon!: The ES-1 is an 8-bit sampler in Eurorack format.

Blush Audio KS-1

Coming Soon!: The KS-1 is a circuit-bent Casio SK-1 in Eurorack format with CV/MIDI control for all parameters. Includes patch-leads for internal bending.

Blush Audio RaspberrySky

Coming Soon!: The RaspberrySky is a Raspberry Pi powered module running Pure Data. Ideal for Electroacoustic Music in Eurorack format!

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