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Online Mixing and Mastering Service

We offer an online mixing and mastering service that works internationally. Simply upload your unmixed WAVs to us from anywhere in the world, and we'll send you back a cohesive finished product.

While we don't claim to run your tracks through acres of vintage outboard gear, we do use the latest plug-in technology available, a few select pieces of hardware, excellent monitors and an accurate listening environment to achieve the best results possible on a low budget.

Our mastering process uses the latest plug-ins available to 'polish' the final mix into something that can be accurately reproduced on any system. This is an essential step to finish off the production process and gives your tracks a sense of cohesion. In other words, making it sound 'like a record'.

Our mixing and mastering engineer is trained to Master's level in Music Technology, having previously studied a BA in Music Production. While we specialise in Indie and Alternative music, we are familiar with all styles and genres (figuratively speaking) and will take on any project, big or small.

We are happy to undertake these processes separately or together, so please email us for pricing information and quotes on your particular production project.

Our engineer is also available for Freelance work in your studio and live sound work.

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