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SWOON FUZZ - An extremely high gain, thick, textured fuzz with a pre-gain boost for extreme gain with switchable oscillation and bend points. Perfect for Noise and Shoegaze music.

CUBE GLEAMER OVERDIVE - Based on a classic overdrive circuit with a few choice mods.

STRAWBERRY WINE DISTORTION - Medium gain distortion/overdrive pedal with serious midrange presence.

FEEDBACK LOOPER - Chaotic Noise Oscillator that allows any pedals placed within the loop to interact with one-another in curious ways in order to bring forth the levels sonic death that you require.

TOUCHBANK CONTROLLER - A hardware interface to manipulate and route control-rate and signal-rate data within the Max/MSP programming environment.



SAMPLESIFTER (.zip 30Kb) - A free Max Patch which allows the random selectcion and playback of files from a sample folder.

V-ROGUE (.zip 42Kb) - A free Virtual Analogue Synthesizer for Max/MSP. Based on the Moog Rogue.

TOUCHBANK (.zip 32Kb) - A work in progress that allows for Max/MSP to be controlled by the TouchBank Controller hardware.

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